Working efficiently with your accountant

Dfisc likes to think along with you. We help you to organise your accounting more efficiently and make your business successful. To this end, we take as many worries out of your hands as possible.

Keep up to date bi-monthly so that we can work together even more effectively.

Achieve your dream

Dfisc guides you through every step of entrepreneurship. From the launch of a company to business advice or takeovers. We will grow along with you and support you as widely as possible. This way, you can focus on running your company.

Look beyond the figures

Dfisc provides guidance to sole proprietorships, companies and non-profit organisations in the areas of accounting, VAT, tax and consulting.
Quality, a personal approach and user-friendly IT tools are of key importance to us.

Accounting and VAT returns

Dfisc does everything you would expect from a good accountant. And much more.

Thanks to our online platform, you can keep track of your affairs 24/7.

Tax advice

We optimise your company’s organisation, in terms of your interests as an entrepreneur and in compliance with the tax rules.

Business advice

Dfisc advises you on every possible facet of your business, from the financial to the legal.

Accredited service provider for the SME portfolio.

Strong network

Thanks to our network of experts, both external and in-house, we are here to help you
with a wide range of services.


We offer well considered and efficient A-to-Z solutions that take into account the realities of your business.

Integrated service provision

Dfisc looks at the total picture of your company –
now and in the future.

This is what our clients say

‘The nice thing about working with Dfisc is that they grow along with my plans.
I started in a secondary occupation, then became self-employed, built a non-profit organisation and ultimately started a company together with my wife.

The team has not only been ready to answer our questions, but they pro-actively phone us about opportunities and difficult bumps along the road.
Thanks in part to this personal contact, I know that all my entrepreneurial enthusiasm is given proper support.’

Hannes D’Hulster

A team of specialists is at your service

Dfisc consists of an enthusiastic team of permanent staff and freelancers, each of them expert in their own field. Steven Decorte is the business manager who leads Dfisc with great knowledge and passion.

Let’s work together!