About Dfisc

About Dfisc

The accounting firm Dfisc in Bruges was founded by Steven Decorte. He leads the firm with great knowledge and passion, assisted by an enthusiastic team of permanent staff and freelance experts.

Dfisc works for clients of many different types across the country: companies (including management and consulting firms), liberal professions, family firms, sole proprietorships (including those who are self-employed in a secondary profession) and non-profit organisations. Thanks to an efficient use of online tools, distance is hardly an issue.

Our office provides an all-round service in the areas of accounting and tax for companies in a wide range of sectors. Our specialities include several different types of businesses and sectors: freelancers & consultants, non-profit organisations and companies in the construction sector.

Would you like to call upon us for your accounting, tax or business advice or one of our other services? Contact us for an appointment – we are happy to speak with you!

Construction sector

The construction sector is highly regulated and is carefully monitored by the tax authorities. The sector is governed by a considerable amount of specific legislation. In order to support you optimally as a self-employed person in the construction sector, we tailor the accounting system structure to you. We advise you along the whole line, with a view to current legislation and other important aspects. For example, together we can take a look at the correct remuneration of your employees, how to limit your liability, etc. This will free you up to focus all your energies on your professional activities.

This is what our clients say


‘We like the personal and laid-back approach of Dfisc. We are able to turn to them with all our questions about our company, and they help to find a solution. Everything is handled promptly and correctly, and after the (quarterly) information has been processed, you are given a clear overview that you can use going forward.
The Dfisc Daily online platform is very useful. You can upload, consult and adjust documents yourself, which saves you a lot of extra work and means you don’t need to go back and forth to the office. In addition, you can follow your company’s results easily via Dfisc Daily. Definitely to be recommended!’

Koen De Blauwe – www.hekoteam.be


Non-profit organisations

In recent years, there have been significant changes in the regulations for non-profit organisations. Therefore professionalisation is an absolute must. Dfisc has extensive expertise in advising non-profit organisations. We know all the ins and outs of the specific accounting and tax obligations that apply to them. Together we ensure that your non-profit organisation functions optimally in terms of administration and accounting processes. By taking a professional approach, you can make your non-profit organisation grow into a powerful organisation, irrespective of its size.

Do you want to set up a non-profit organisation? Dfisc can help you with that as well. We guide you through the relevant legislation and help you with the necessary administrative tasks, so you can start off on a solid basis.

This is what our clients say


Think-Pink has been a Dfisc client since the establishment of the accounting firm. We came into contact with them via Steven’s expertise in non-profit organisations. Over time, we have developed a very special cooperation. Accounting is of course much more than recording invoices, filing VAT returns and reporting at the end of the financial year. It is thinking creatively with the organisation and finding solutions to tax and accounting challenges. This has been a great success over many years. By regular consultation and adjustment, Think-Pink’s accounting has become a beacon of certainty, allowing us to focus optimally on our daily activities. That means helping care for everyone affected by breast cancer and raising money for essential research into the disease.

Heidi Vansevenant, chair – Jurgen Vanpraet, director – think-pink.be

Consultants – freelancers

The concept of a consultant or freelancer is not actually described as such anywhere in the tax legislation. Yet this can be a meaningful and useful structure when correctly implemented. Dfisc has thorough knowledge of the legal framework applicable to this status and has many years’ experience in providing advice in this area. Within the framework of tax law, we create an optimal structure for consultants to manage the assets via their management activities.

This is what our clients say


‘I have been a client of Dfisc since 2013, and I am still a very satisfied one! Dfisc gives me and my company advice on every possible topic and what is more, does so in comprehensible, clear and straightforward language. They always take plenty of time to allow me to review and discuss my dossier, problem, idea, etc. thoroughly, as well.’

Lieven Baert – Jalima Pharma