Business advice

As a manager, you are sometimes confronted with questions for which there is no immediate and ready answer. For example, you may be looking at the family succession to your company, or you wish to expand your business, you have plans for growth in the coming years, etc. In such situations, external advice can help you make the transition from dream to reality.

Dfisc examines together with you what is desirable and possible. We draw up a workable structure for your plans. We check these out thoroughly with external experts: lawyers, notaries, insurance brokers, etc. In this way, we assess whether your project is feasible. Based on their input, we optimise the structure. As a result, the necessary paperwork can also be handled efficiently.

We also have good contacts and broad experience in providing guidance with respect to financing dossiers. Dfisc can help you draw up a business plan and present it to the bank.

As advisors, we provide a realistic view, putting the interests of your company first. The last word is yours: you are the one to take the decisions.


Accredited service provider for the SME portfolio

Dfisc is anaccredited service provider for business advice for the SME portfolio. This means that, in practice, you only pay 60% of our consulting fees – the other part is subsidised by the Flemish government.

Are you not eligible for the SME portfolio? No matter, you are still welcome at Dfisc for business advice. You can also contact us for one-time advice, even if you are not a client for accounting or tax matters.