When establishing a sole proprietorship, company or non-profit organisation, there are several matters to take care of: registrations, deed of incorporation and articles of association, authorisations and certificates, taxes and VAT, social status, remuneration, insurance, etc. Dfisc guides you from start-up until you are well and truly in the saddle.

Before you start, we go over your plans thoroughly with you. We listen to your questions and needs, and help you to achieve a clear view of where you want to go. We serve as a specialist sounding board to assess the economic feasibility of your project and give you realistic advice. Together, we analyse your initial position so that you know what you are starting. We advise you in the choice of the best company form, we coordinate communication with the notary and other official bodies, where necessary, and steer you expertly through all the paperwork and formalities. After that, we are there to assist you via our regular services, with tailor-made guidance and advice.

This is what our clients say

‘Should I become self-employed, or not? That was the question turning over in my mind for years. In a friendly atmosphere, Dfisc gave me all the information I needed about being self-employed, from A to Z, clearly, correctly and honestly. To this day, Dfisc offers me excellent advice and support in everything I do, both within my company and in my private affairs.’


Ludovic – Abatec bvba

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