Tax advice

At Dfisc, we look at the total picture of your company or non-profit organisation. Including when it comes to taxes. The main objective is to optimise your business organisation, with a view to your interests as an entrepreneur. We strive to create a viable and practically feasible situation for you in a cost-conscious and efficient way. In doing so, we stay within the confines of what is possible in terms of taxes and apply the rules correctly. This means you can rest easy and focus all your energy on your core business.

We do the necessary reporting for you, such as your annual personal income tax, corporation tax or legal entities tax return. In the process, we calculate the most advantageous tax situation for you. In the course of the year, we calculate what would be the most beneficial option for advance tax payments, and we contact you about any opportunities that present themselves.

Would you like one-time tax advice about a specific question, even if you are not (yet) a regular client of Dfisc? Be sure to contact us!