Useful tools

Useful tools

On this page you will find some tools to facilitate your administration. If you would like to use the calculation tools for remuneration, please discuss this first with your dossier manager at Dfisc. He or she will explain how to incorporate the results correctly in your accounts.

Dfisc Daily

With Dfisc Daily, you can draw up sales invoices, upload purchase invoices and VAT receipts, download certificates, make payments, etc. Dfisc processes your documents on a regular basis and you can keep an eye on your business figures at any time.

Dfisc Invoicing

Not yet using Dfisc Daily but need a quick and correct way of issuing invoices? If so, use Dfisc Invoicing. Dfisc will later take care of further integration.


With Dfisc, you can conduct a convenient video conversation with your dossier manager. Without having to log in or needing any extra software.

Kilometre allowance

Expense statement for travel by car or bike. Record it carefully in this Excel file.

Per diem allowance

Fixed reimbursement for days when you have to travel for your work.

Foreign per diem allowance

Overview of per diem allowances and hotel reimbursements per country, for work-related trips abroad.

Upload tool

File too large to send to Dfisc? Please use this tool.

Online authorisation for tax returns

Via the website of the Ministry of Finance, you can grant Dfisc an authorisation online to submit your tax return via the Tax-on-Web application and to consult documents on your behalf via My Minfin. For this, you need an eID reader or itsme.

Dfisc Accounts

You can opt to keep your own books directly and safely with our software. This way everything is linked to Dfisc.